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     FLORIDA ATLANTIC IRONWORKS is an A.I.S.C certified steel erection company incorporated in February 2000. Owned and operated by John J. Matusik (JR), F.A.I specializes in the erection of structural Steel, Bar Joists, Metal Deck, and Miscellaneous Iron Erection. We have an experienced team of 150-250 employees covering the state of Florida.

     Our main office is Located in Umatilla, Florida. We utilize a complete fleet of our own equipment. The aforementioned includes: Cranes, Trucks, Forklifts, Arial Lift equipment, Welders, Compressors, Stud Welding equipment, and anything else required to complete all phases of Steel Erection, Miscellaneous Metals, and Metal Deck. We pride ourselves in a full service erection company with projects ranging from $5,000 to over $5 million in erection. Florida Atlantic Ironworks strives for quality, craftsmanship, and adhering to project schedules with a strong repetitive customer base.

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